Husbands and boyfriends.. I get it…

This past weekend I spent a lot of time at the mall getting a dress for an upcoming wedding and I saw what I always see but never understand; these poor men following their wives/girlfriends around the women’s departments and stores looking miserable.  What is the point ladies? Why are you putting the both of you through this?

I would rather go clothes shopping with my 4 year old then with my husband.  Correction! I would rather go with my 4 year old when she is in one of her feisty, crab apple moods then with my husband. And for this I know he is very grateful.

I realize there are a few men out there who enjoy clothes shopping with their wives/girlfriends but the men I was seeing and usually see were not enjoying themselves.  They were miserably following their ladies around as the ladies were pointing out clothes and asking them what color they like better, and “ooh isn’t this cute?”  They were sitting outside the fitting rooms, sighing, checking their watches, wearing longing looks that read that they would rather be anywhere else.

I get it boyfriends and husbands..  Hope someday your ladies will too

5 thoughts on “Husbands and boyfriends.. I get it…

  1. I agree 100%. Why do women do this? Leave the poor guy at home.

    Shopping with my children is almost as annoying as shopping with my husband. Almost.

  2. Love this slice! As I read your slice, I kept picking those commercials where men are being dragged through store after store. Great imagery! I love the line about bring your 4 year old when she is in a ‘feisty, crab apple mood.’ Thanks for sharing!

  3. You got that right! The only time a woman and a man should shop together is when you go for the guy!! Otherwise we either hate it or our decisions don’t matter anyway!

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