10 becomes 11

For as long as I can remember being a working adult my “bedtime” has always been 10 pm on work nights.  I assigned this to myself and it seems to work very well.  or shall I say was working well..

A 10 o’clock bedtime means that at 9 o’clock (9:30 at the latest) I need to start winding down and have all my “jobs” done for the next day;  lunch made, clothes (mine and Reese’s) picked out and ready to go for the next day, etc.

Over the past year or so this bedtime of mine has slowly crept later and later but I have been in denial of this and am still getting disappointed in myself for missing it.  It is so frustrating. So lately I decided to review why this was happening.  How can I stop the frustration I was feeling?

Why am I running out of time?  Why has 10 turned into 11?  

It seems that the wonderful culprit is my daughter Reese.  I have been choosing to spend even more time with her then doing my work in the evening.  So when I start to get the evening stuff done I am starting even later then before, hence pushing my once 10 o’clock bedtime to 11 o’clock!

How can I fix this? 

Well I figured I had two choices.

Stop spending so much time with Reese (yeah right- like I’m going to do that)


Change my bedtime from 10 to 11.

Not really a choice here at all.  11 it is.


3 thoughts on “10 becomes 11

  1. Lucky girl to get mom’s time at night! Enjoy that extra sleep. I bet you will sleep better, even though it is less time.

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