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I always try to remind my students that the best thing they can be is kind.  It is great if you can run fast, or are the tallest in the class, or if you can hit a home run but what is even more important is if you are kind.  With our half day schedule I don’t always get to have good discussions on this as much as I would like so I always hope what I am teaching and modeling is sinking in.  Yesterday 2 kids showed me that it was.

In my morning class a boy came to school with new glasses.  He was proud of them and wanted to show everyone.  I of course took the opportunity to tell him that he “looked so handsome in his new glasses”.  Modeling to some of the kids that were around how to give a compliment.  Not only that but he did look handsome :).  The kids agreed with me with nods and smiles but no one added anything else.  That in itself was kind but the little boy looked a little disappointed that the excitement he felt was not shared too much by his classmates.

The day started and the kids were at their spots on the carpet when right in the middle of calendar another little boy who just noticed the glasses (one that did not hear me earlier compliment the glasses boy) interrupted the lesson and shouted “Wow Curtis you look even more cool with your new glasses on!”  With that compliment Curtis’ face brightened brighter than I ever saw before. “Thanks!” Curtis beamed and proceeded to give the boy hug.

I of course made a big deal of this and was proud of both the boys.  One for being so kind to another friend and for Curtis for being so appreciative of this small gesture.

Later in the afternoon class it was the class librarian’s job to pick a friend to help them take the books to the library.  All the other kids were waving their arms to be picked- everyone wants a chance to be out in the school by themselves! To my surprise the librarian turned to my special friend (and if you have read my other blogs this is the same friend that I have the little chat with daily- which BTW is still going on and now we have added food to our chat :)) and picked him.  He seemed shocked and jumped up so excited!  My librarian helper could have picked anyone- she is very much liked in class and is friends with everyone but she knew.  She knew that this boy never got picked,  No one ever picks him.  But she picked him and I am certain that she made his day.  I was so proud of her for thinking of other kids in that way.

Now I know that these may sound like small little things to some but there was something about these 2 events today really made me smile and know that my talking about kindness and modeling kindness is getting through.

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