Because there were only 16

I have 25 kiddos in my full day kindergarten class.  Although they are a pretty good class, there are just so many of them-and they are 5 and 6 years olds- that it gets to be a lot. A lot of behaviors, a lot of stories, a lot of varying abilities…

This week has been a rough week for kindergartners in my class! 

The flu (the real one) and strep throat (the bad one-B), as well as just those nasty lingering fevers and terrible coughs have hit us hard!

I have had 9 kids out for two days this week- putting me at a class size of 16!!!  16!!!!


This week has been an enjoyable week for me as the teacher!

Although I truly care about all of my kiddos and never want to see any of them hurt or sick I have to admit I have enjoyed my smaller class very much!

I know some (possibly non educators) might be thinking about the absent kids and why I was enjoying myself..

-must be the kiddos that add the “special” personality to the class- NOPE plenty of them were still there- healthy as ever (aren’t they always J).

-must be the higher kids that “get” everything easily- NOPE wide variety of skills and levels there

I enjoyed my 16 kiddos these past 2 days because I felt like I actually got to be a true, effective teacher the whole day!  Some days I am a rock star at managing the behaviors, but at a time cost to those needing extra academic help.  Other days those kiddos really get that extra help but some of the behaviors don’t get managed as well as I like.  It’s a common balancing act most teachers with lots of kids have to do daily.

Yes, there were still behavior fires to keep at bay, BUT I had an easier time keeping an eye on all of them and able to be proactive with most of them as opposed to being reactive because there were only 16


Yes, there were still LOTS of 5 & 6 year olds with hundreds of stories they needed to share with their teacher right that minute, BUT I was able to listen a bit longer and more careful to them, giving those kiddos a bit more special attention because there were only 16


Yes, there was still reteaching and help needed during instruction and individual practice- BUT I was able to give more time and attention to those who needed it because there were only 16.


I’ll be happy when all of my 25 smiling kindergarten faces return to our classroom but I definitely enjoyed all the extra attention I was able give to my 16!


2 thoughts on “Because there were only 16

  1. Those days are amazing. Feeling like an effective teacher is the best feeling. Days like those remind me why I love teaching because that is exactly what I get to focus on… the teaching!

  2. B/c there were only 16, I somehow left school with 2 princess balloons tied to my school bag LOL.

    Imagine if our homeroom class sizes were this small every day. An education revolution would surely occur. Until then, we’ll continue to let non-stakeholders tell us that 26-30 students in one elementary classroom is ideal.

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