It’s official! Chuck E. Cheese’s it is!

On April 8th Reese will be turn the big 7!!  So of course she has been talking about and planning her party since December 26th!  Last year was her first big “friend party” and we had it at a jumpy place.  I am all about the go somewhere and pay for the entertainment and keep the mess and craziness out of house.

This year she decided that she wanted her party to be at Chuck E. Cheese’s.  She actually decided that about a week after she turned six.  SO I have had almost a year to try and convince her to go somewhere else.  Nothing personal against Mr. Cheese’s and his establishment-just not my first, second or tenth choice.

My efforts were not successful and since I was still not crazy about her choice but wanted to make her happy I made my list to help me make my decision.

No mess at my house- PRO

No need to find ways to entertain the kids!- PRO

Germs Germs Germs- CON

Keeping track of 20 crazy kids that I barely know in public- CON

No house cleaning- PRO

Dealing with lots of random crazy kids- CON

Cost- money-wise- CON not the cheapest party choice

Cost- planning/time-wise PRO- you book online, tell them what you want and it is done

One and done- PRO (next year I will tell her we need to try something new!)

More germs, germs, germs- CON

CONs-5 PROs-5

Tie Breaker – Seeing Reese’s beaming smile and hearing her excitement when I told her that she could have it at Chuck E. Cheese’s, basically making her little six year old dream come true- NO BRAINER

Chuck E Cheese’s it is..

P.S. I would appreciate your thoughts and prayers from 11 to 1 on Sunday April 8th!

6 thoughts on “It’s official! Chuck E. Cheese’s it is!

  1. I love this pro/con list! I am with you … I can’t stand that place really… but I have taken the kids because of their sweet sweet faces. 🙂 I’ll be thinking of you! Bring some germX! 🙂

  2. This is too funny Lori! I know it will be such a great party that Reese will remember forever! Good luck to you though!

  3. Love how you went through the pros and cons. I am sure Reese is still smiling that you decided on Chuck E.Cheese! Parties require so many decisions: when, where, who, what favors, dessert etc….but worth making memories and seeing the kids so excited!

  4. One and done. At least the kids can’t escape. Suggestions- bring tylenol, give all children a special birthday nametag and keep counting them. Schedule a massage for yourself ( or at least a bubble bath.) PS they do serve adult beverages which could be a PRO

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