Indoor Recess?? Yes Please!

Indoor recess the first week of March??..  Yes Please!!!  Said no teacher ever (usually).

Usually I despise the idea of indoor recess, but today was different.  Today I was watching the windchill hoping that it would stay just low enough to keep me (I had recess duty) and the kids inside.  Am I crazy?- well yes, but today I have my reasons.

It is not because it is cold outside.  I do not mind the cold.  Plus the kids NEED to get outside.  We have had so many indoor recesses-the kids (and us) were losing our minds- that the other day my teaching partner and I swore to each other that we were taking the kids out NO MATTER WHAT..  luckily the weather agreed and the kids went out no problem.

Today was the day before grades are due.  A week and a half before spring conferences.  Assessments still needed to be graded.  Grades still needed to be entered into the computer.  Some grades like learning characteristics and behaviors needed to be finalized in my head.  My night at home on Mondays is busy; quick dinner, gymnastics, homework, lunches to be made, bath, etc.  It is 8:30 (if I’m lucky that it is still that early) before I know it.  Time for all that school work would have me up late for sure with no time for any down time.

So when I checked the weather at lunch time and I saw that with the windchill it was below zero, I smiled instead of groaned for I knew that although I would have to monitor the kids I would have time to get some of my work done in my classroom.

So today I said Yes please! to indoor recess..  Tomorrow is another story.

3 thoughts on “Indoor Recess?? Yes Please!

  1. I really like the way you begin and end the same. It’s a nice circular structure. Said no teacher ever is a line that made me smile!

  2. I, on the other hand, am a giant wimp and do not want to go out for recess tomorrow either. So I’ll be hoping for indoor recess for a whole other reason!

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