Hello Spring?

What a great weather day today has been!

Windows open

Outside yard work

kids playing outside

Puppy playing in the backyard

lunch on the deck

garage door open

blogging on the patio

But I’m not new to this weather. I’m hopeful that this is the start of Spring weather but I’ve seen snow storms in April but I’m being cautiously optimistic.

But hey the groundhog my kindergarteners and I followed didn’t see his shadow so maybe there will be an early Spring 🌷🌷🤞🏻🤞🏻

7 thoughts on “Hello Spring?

  1. Being from the Midwest, I know all too well that April snowstorms are a real threat. Hopefully we won’t get one this year, and the temperatures will consistently stay 55+!! Here’s to hoping!

  2. So very true. My brother-in-law suggested putting the shovels away last night. Here’s to hoping he hasn’t jinxed us. Thanks for sharing.

  3. It truly makes such a difference when it is nice out. It looks better, smells better, and gives you energy. Lets hope that it stays!!

  4. Whether it stays or not, it’s so great to enjoy a beautiful day like today! There will be more of them!

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