Must be a hard thing to do

So as I was watching part of Governor Pritzker’s address to Illinois yesterday and Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s address this evening about all the school, social and athletic closings I started to watch closely and think,

WOW that must really be a hard thing to do..

The whole city watching and judging your every move, gesture, facial expression..

I know I couldn’t do it..

I could not stand there behind the dozen speakers on national tv and just stand there as millions of people were looking at me.

They were all standing so nicely.

Not bouncing/swaying their body around.

Not looking blanking into nowhere.

Not adjusting their bra.

Not making a weird face.

Not scratching their nose in a way that looks like they’re picking it.

Not slouching.

Not giggling nervously

Just standing up straight, composed looking- not smiling but not frowning either.  Staring ahead but not looking dazed and confused.

They must practice or be trained.

Still don’t think I could do it.  Glad others can.


Seeing some of that stuff would bring a little comic relief to all the heavy stuff we’ve been hearing or dealing with lately..

4 thoughts on “Must be a hard thing to do

    • Great idea! We might all get stir crazy the next 3 weeks and have to play that game! Keep an eye out for an game invite 😉

  1. Sometimes Politicians are caught eye rolling or other faux pauxs during press conferences. then it’s recorded and replayed for the next week. I’m Sure glad I’m not that person either!

  2. I agree! I also wonder if they get dressed every morning thinking, “If I have to be on TV today, is this outfit OK? Do I look professional enough? Do I look like I ‘tried’?” LOL

    Glad I am only being judged by 11/12 year olds!

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