Date Night

March 19

Tonight I have a date with my favorite person, my daughter.  We are going to the movies; which we always love to do  but haven’t had the chance this past year.  In the Fall, before everything got shut down again we did get to fit in one movie, but not since.

Everytime we go together I always think about and, to the “I know the story look and sigh from her”, tell her the story of our first movie theater movie together.

She was 3 years old (few months from 4) and Frozen just came out and I figured it would be a good movie to give it a try with.  She has started being able to sit for longer movies and she had some interest in Disney Princesses because of her older cousins so it sounded like my best bet.

I was taking her alone so I was very nervous..

What if she starts crying in the middle of it? Or throws a screaming fit for who knows what reason? or doesn’t like it? Or gets scared because it is loud and dark?

But I just kept telling myself that I could walk up and leave..  There is no rule against leaving in the middle of the movies.  Plus it IS a kids movie so things like that happening are definitely not uncommon and kind of expected.  True I would lose the money I spent but I was willing to give it a try because she was very excited.

I was worried because we got there right after the previews started so it was already super dark, but she did fine and she LOVED it!  She stood and danced and her eyes never left the screen.  I enjoyed the movie too!

Now it is our thing.  When we go to the movies we are always planning our next movie date when we see the previews.  She has a great memory when it comes to remembering when new movies are coming out.  After each preview she will look at me and give her yay or nay of whether or not she wants to see it.  Most of the time I am interested in it/or won’t mind seeing it, but every once in awhile I tell her that that sounds like a movie for her and her dad or her and her stepdad to go to on their own date night.

Tonight we are seeing the “Tom and Jerry” movie.  Wouldn’t be my first pick, I don’t think hers either and in any normal year it would probably be one we would wait for to come out on Amazon Prime but because it has been so long it made the cut.   I’ll let you know..  maybe it ends up being my new favorite movie..  LOL..

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