Kids from Kindergarten Past

March 23

Each year it is tricky to decide which supplies we should ask the kids to bring for the upcoming school year.  The basics are always the same..  crayons, glue, pencils, etc..  But how many of each is the question.  Each year we seem to have an abundance of something.

One year I swear my kids were eating the pencils as they were gone so quickly..  The next year I asked for a few more from each kid and now I am still using up the pencils from that year.  One year kleenex was at a minimum with my crew of nose blowers.  The following year, many extra boxes.. There is no telling..

So when I do get down to the bottom of the class stash (kleenex, ziploc baggies, wipes) student memories from the past pop up  on the supplies when I find names of kids from kindergarten past…  They all get a smile as I remember them and try to figure out what grade they are in now, especially if they have moved on or away from our school.  Once in awhile a name will pop up that really triggers a memory and a wonder and a worry and a smile and a bit of sadness as I wonder how they are doing.

That happened today.  I was sorting out math manipulatives and needed some more baggies.  Definitely am using a lot more this year as we cannot share supplies for math activities so I am getting down to the boxes that have been there for awhile. Today I pulled the box with the sweet kiddos name on it. Oh my sweet MH!

My MH who held my hand everyday as we walked out.

My MH who asked me the same questions as we walked out each day.

My MH who would lean against me when I sat with the kids on the carpet because he just needed a little love.

My MH who was so difficult to understand but had a lot to say

My MH who had the biggest sweetest eyes that I can still see today

My MH who was often late to school or came with shoes too big- because he really didn’t know better and mom was overwhelmed with all the kids at home.

My MH who we got the right supports in place for and started to make progress in Kinder and rocked it in first grade

My MH whom I wrote about 5 years ago while doing SOL.

My MH who moved away after 1st grade 🙁

My MH who needed to stay with us so I knew he would get everything he needed as he grew up in our school

My MH who is in 5th grade now

My MH- oh how I wonder how you are doing today…

Needless to say my flashback student memory was a lot more meaningful and long lasting than most..


3 thoughts on “Kids from Kindergarten Past

  1. That was really sweet – the post was filled with warmth and love. Some students touch our hearts and stay in our memories forever. MH was lucky to have had you for a teacher.

  2. This is such a sweet and tender slice of life story. It’s amazing what looking at supplies triggered in your mind.

    I hope MH is doing well, wherever they are now!

  3. Awww. So sweet. Your slice encapsulates so many of the feelings we have as teachers when students leave the safe place we call school. We might have no idea where they’re at, but we care.

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