Wednesday Plans

March 24

I don’t like to be too planned out, but during the busy school and work week I like to have things figured out on how Monday-Friday will go.  It just makes sense and is a necessity for things like who is going to pick up Reese at after school care, will someone be home at a decent time for the dog or do we need to ask the neighbor to stop by; things like that.   If things don’t go as planned it is not life shattering I just like to know what we have in store as the week goes along.  The weekends are another thing..  let’s go with the flow.. let’s just see what happens.

Tonight we had a full schedule.  John would grab Reese, I would stop at the store to get the last few things for dinner, we would cook and then head to get our taxes done..

The evening started out as planned..  John grabbed Reese and I headed to the store..

As I headed home from store John called to tell me that our accountant has to leave early for a family issue but if we get our stuff dropped off before a certain time she will bring it home and work on it.

First change of the night, dinner will need to be later than planned but no biggie.

As we are getting our stuff organized, Reese asked if I remembered to get the cereal for the cereal box drive that they are having at school that ends tomorrow..  Oh man..  I forgot.  No problem we will swing by the store afterwards.

We get to the tax place in time and then head to the store for cereal..  should take a minute..

As we pull into the store the smell of burgers at the brewery next door is making me hungry.. and a beer is starting to sound good.  But we have dinner already planned out, and things are defrosted.  It is about a 45 minute recipe.  We won’t be eating for awhile but it is not too late.

But apparantly being in the store triggers a grocery list for John and Reese and our 5 minute trip turns into 20 minutes.  By the time we get home, cook, eat and clean up, it’ll be after 7..  oh well

We head out of the store and the smell of the burgers seems stronger now and the thought of a beer sounds even better.  The night has not gone as planned so I figure let’s just throw it all away and scrap dinner and head to the brewery for food that will be cooked for us and a nice cold beer.

Guess they were on the same page because I could barely suggest it before they both agreed and we were heading next door.

I know we had a better, more relaxed and enjoyable dinner and dinner conversation and we got home before we would have been eating our homemade dinner.  My “planned” Wednesday did not go as planned but it I think it actually turned out better.


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  1. I love when things turn out better than expected! And no mess in the kitchen to clean up. Definitely a win!

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