Kinda Cool or Kinda Not?

Day 1

2 yeas ago we adopted our dog Bozie.  We of course wanted to celebrate her “gotcha day” by getting her a special treat and posting a cute pic on the adoption facebook page (her brothers and sisters owners post pics on there too and it is so great to see them!).  Knowing that it was coming up, my daughter asked,

“What’s her gotcha date? Do you remember it?”

“Yes, of course.  And it is easy to remember, “ I said, “It was a leap day adoption, February 29th.  Easy day to remember, right?  Isn’t that cool?”

“Ok, but what date do we celebrate this year?  There is no February 29th?  That’s not cool this year!”

That got me thinking about all the leap year, February 29th babies.  How cool is that, that they have a unique birthdate that in the grand scheme of birthdays, not many people have!  But then again although you obviously turn older, you don’t have your true “special day” every year.

When do they celebrate on non-leap years?  February 28th, you’re not officially the next age yet (very important if it is one of those special birthday years like turning 16 and getting your license or turning 21 and getting to get into that bar finally (at least finally legally).

Do you wait until March 1st?  You are definitely the right age now but is it like the day after your birthday, because it is not really your birthday?

Does that bother these special birthday holders?

Or do they just BIG TIME celebrate every 4 years on their true “special day”?

Does the coolness of just having that unique birthday make up for those “off years”?

It’s funny how I have lived through 12 leap years and never really thought much of those born on that day- except maybe on that day when the news mentions something about a baby being born.  Never knew anyone who had that birthday.  Now that that date has meaning in my life it makes me VERY curious…

Any Leap Year babies out there?  If so fill me in!  And Happy kind of Birthday today!


4 thoughts on “Kinda Cool or Kinda Not?

  1. Not a leap year baby – but you don’t really think about it! LOL I say celebrate big every four years, big trip, party -something!

  2. I think about this every Feb 28/29 b/c my friend was born on a leap year. The birthday well wishes are always pretty funny. “Happy 10th Birthday!” (on her 40th).
    I think you nailed it with your title – kinda cool and kinda not! I am just glad to have April and May babies!

  3. I think that would bother me but I am also a birthday person. I guess in a way it could work in your favor because you could pick your day.

  4. I am a curious person so I have wondered that too. I say they were given the gift of flexibility AKA they get to chose the day that works best for them. Friday vs Thursday Sat vs Sunday. Have a conflict? No worries I can choose the other day. Pretty cool perk, really.

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