Final thoughts on SOL #6

Finishing up my 6th year doing SOL these thoughts came to me..

This month went by faster than any other SOL month.

I read so many cool formats that I’m looking forward to trying next year.

I once again loved reading about different people’s lives, especially my coworkers who I mostly see everyday (definitely every week) but never know what’s going on in their lives because we just don’t have the time.

I enjoyed all the comments and tried to comment on and read more and more each day.

I’m already ready for next year; although that’s easy to say now since it’s not until next year.. not tomorrow.

I’m glad that my coworker and friend agreed to “monitor” an additional group for our district so I was not only able to participate but receive credit from my district.

Like usual it will probably take me a few days to stop the constant daily search for a great slice of life idea..  but it is a great way to reflect on your day.

I can’t believe how many posts I’ve written over the 6 years..

Til next year..


5 thoughts on “Final thoughts on SOL #6

  1. Congratulations– six years is truly impressive! I know what you mean about continuing to collect ideas for slices!

  2. Thank goodness for that amazing co-worker who helped us both otherwise I would not have been able to participate it it either this year for credit and I would still be wondering what it was like! It was fun reading all the different slices!!

  3. I will find myself longing to write for the next week, too. Maybe I will jump in on Tuesday slices at some point this year…maybe…
    I always love reading your writing! Cheers to 6 Years!

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