That’s a wrap

Crazy to believe it’s the last Slice post of this year..

This will be my 156 post. Wrapping up my 5th year.. not sure why there’s an extra post in there..  maybe one day I was inspired to write twice? 🤷‍♀️

I look forward to this month writing challenge every year for many reasons. I really do like to write and I really like that it makes me have to write every day.

I also like how it makes me really think about my day.  It makes me put words into my thoughts or the days happenings. It feels good to share a piece of me and my life in a “blind” manner where my audience is out there but I don’t see them or necessarily hear from them so you can just write freely.

I really like reading the blogs of my friends, colleagues and strangers.  Finding commonalities, sharing happy moments and laughing at daily happenings is what I enjoy most.

I will be looking forward to Slice of life 2022 and until then be slicing my life in my head..

A month in review

March 30

A few years back I was unsure what to slice about so I started looking back at my posts that I wrote that month and commented on things that came from those posts as the month went on.  Every year since then I’ve made that one of my last slices.
here is this years.

I’m still driving Reese to school every day and still loving it

I still frequently return home to the Bozie graveyard..  still looking for those toys that last!

My last Wednesday was last week.  We had a good run!! RIP

My student came back to school the following week and it seems like things are better at home now. hope it stays that way

Haven’t had anymore states and capital reviews..  hoping for another one before she finishes the country!

I am currently on the “escape room recovery wagon”. Hoping to be able to fall off soon!

Still loving my kindergarten jokes  they are actually getting a bit better- meaning I’m starting to actually understand them!

Hopefully when we return after break we’ll be in September Kindergarten in April..  we are getting there

Still fighting the unsubscribe button battle!

So far so good- summer vacation is still on!

our date night movie night seeing Tom and Jerry was so nice..  the movie was actually better than I thought!

Reese hasn’t had another babysitting gig since but her first go at it was a success!

Reese is still back seat driving but not as frequently.

The last week of our school year as it has been since the start of the new year came to a close but I’m very excited for our new school year after break!

Haven’t made it to my next free soda from Speedway but I’m sure I’m close!

Poetry with colleagues was great and was long overdue. Thinking there will be definitely more to come before the end of the year!

One more it’s to go…  and another Slice of Life will be in the books!!

Just me

March 29

After returning from being away for 2 nights with my husband I was expecting things to go back to normal here at home but instead I was surprised with an evening to myself.
John headed to his brothers to help him with his deck. Reese decided to stay another night at her dads and since it’s Spring Break that wasn’t a problem at all.

So it’s just me..
Just me and the dog.
Just me and the tv and any show I might want to binge watch.

Just me and whatever dinner I decide to cook or combination of snacks I’ll have instead of a sit down family dinner.

Just me and my puzzles- crossword and jigsaw

Sometimes it’s nice to just have a quiet house and no one else to have to talk to or think about. Only if it’s just for a few hours.
It is especially nice when it’s a surprise..

It’s happened to the best of us

My husband and I are away this long weekend checking out breweries among other things. Yesterday we had a full day of food and craft brews.
While we were out we saw a few bachelorette parties- of course it was Saturday night in downtown Grand Rapids!
We were at one of our last stops and I headed into the restroom. 2 stalls both empty. Not one second later I heard/saw the long ago, yet familiar Saturday night women’s bathroom conversation/scene coming together!
two women scramble into bathroom and then into stall together..

you’re ok.. other friend assuring drunk friend while holding hair back (I’m assuming as I have done that role before )

let it out..  all good!!
I’m a mess.  I’m so embarrassed!!

another concerned friend comes in.. “Is she ok” as she smooshes into the stall where they are all that next to mine

yes she’s ok! Just needs to get it out!

honey you’re ok we all love you!! It’s your bachelorette night!!


My mind went back to those days! Young and drinking and not a care in the world!  Could stay in bed the next day and life would be fine!  Had some great times!  Most days luckily not involving the bathroom but definitely a few being the good friend cheerleader and maybe a day or two being the unfortunate one being cheered on!

I left the stall and made eye contact with a random uninvolved stranger.  We gave each other the unknowing smile and with a definite nonjudging  look regarding the other girls, as we know most of us have been there before and THANK GOD that’s not us tonight!


Just us

March 27
My husband and I are heading away for two nights. No where exotic or even warm but up to Michigan to  just get away and check out some breweries, some antique stores, some good restaurants-something we enjoy doing.
It’s just going to be us which is long overdue. Our friends and family laugh when I say that “we are finally getting time for just us!” because technically every other weekend we are alone and kid free with no parental responsibilities while our daughter is with her dad.  But really we never seem to be. But it’s definitely by choice.
We love to entertain, and we have neighbors and family very close by who we are always spending time with- usually unplanned, but kinda a given.  Even if it’s just having pizza and a few beers in the garage.  The neighborhood rule is if the garage is open so is the invitation to hang out. which we love.
And true, we do have “dates” together where we’ll catch a local brewery or two or do a dinner but it usually ends hanging with the neighbors or family and friends. Again totally welcome and enjoyed.
So technically they are right because we are together and basically can do what we want,  but we are not usually alone or truly away from home without the house responsibilities staring you down as you try to relax until you cave and get it done.
So every few months we make it a point to try to get away- usually up to Michigan where the breweries are aplenty and the small towns with small shops and antique places are in every small town. It is also close and the first place we went away together.
So we are both happy to have these 2 days and 2 nights truly alone and together.  It’ll be long enough to do the trick and we’ll happily be back to hanging with our people soon- probably Monday night when we get home! 😊


Nine years ago when I joined my current coworkers at our school I was informed of this thing called “poetry” that occurs throughout the year.

To my happiness I quickly found out that “poetry” is code for after work drinks!  I’m always about happy hour and socializing so it was right up my alley.

The whole staff is invited via email written in a poem. It could pop up on any Friday or possibly after a long day of conferences.   And i’ts not just about the drinks, although there are plenty of us who enjoy a good drink or a craft beer, it could also be about food and hanging out with coworkers.

When I first started poetry happened a lot more frequently..  lots of people were still childless and had less responsibilities. As the years went on, babies and families came along and obviously the group dwindled a bit and “poetry” became less and less frequent as it wasn’t as easy to attend due to more responsibilities at home.

And this past school year- forget it..  bars and restaurants were closed.

Until recently..

Poetry is back..

Today- immediately after school..

A great way to kick of spring break..  good beer and laughs with coworkers I barely get to see anymore, let alone talk to..


March 25
Similar to the slice I wrote a couple weeks back about trying not to give out my email, I try not to sign up for many “Reward Programs” either.

If it is for a store I frequent and the rewards are easy to use- like I just put in my number and it keeps track of things and I don’t have to think about it- I’ll give it a try. Otherwise I’m not interested.  I can’t keep track of the punch cards they give me and I don’t want texts from using my phone number from a random place I go to once in awhile.

Recently I caved in at my local Speedway.  I have been going there for a fountain Diet Coke this past school year as it is closer to and more convenient then going to McDonalds because I don’t have to worry about drive thru lines. Now the Speedway Diet Coke is not as good as the McDonalds Diet Coke and is does cost 42 cents more but in the morning I’m looking for convenience 😊.

I started going once a week or so and they would ask if I had a card and I’d say no. Then my frequency grew and the lady began to recognize me and started to remind me that after so many drinks the next one is free. The computer keeps track of it; there is no punch card to keep track of.

Sounds good but no thanks, I’ll just lose the card and I don’t want it on my key chain.

You can register it with your phone number

No thanks-don’t want texts from Speedway

A few weeks back I must have been in a good mood or different mindset so when the lady asked me again if I had a card I said no but this time I’ll take one!  I put the card in my front purse pocket.

Surprisingly  I kept it in that pocket and remembered to use it.  Today I went in to get my Diet Coke and when she scanned my card it popped up…  free drink!

I put my $1.52 back in my purse and started my Thursday off on a pretty decent note.  I know it wasn’t a free car or even a free shirt but hey I’ll take it!


Wednesday Plans

March 24

I don’t like to be too planned out, but during the busy school and work week I like to have things figured out on how Monday-Friday will go.  It just makes sense and is a necessity for things like who is going to pick up Reese at after school care, will someone be home at a decent time for the dog or do we need to ask the neighbor to stop by; things like that.   If things don’t go as planned it is not life shattering I just like to know what we have in store as the week goes along.  The weekends are another thing..  let’s go with the flow.. let’s just see what happens.

Tonight we had a full schedule.  John would grab Reese, I would stop at the store to get the last few things for dinner, we would cook and then head to get our taxes done..

The evening started out as planned..  John grabbed Reese and I headed to the store..

As I headed home from store John called to tell me that our accountant has to leave early for a family issue but if we get our stuff dropped off before a certain time she will bring it home and work on it.

First change of the night, dinner will need to be later than planned but no biggie.

As we are getting our stuff organized, Reese asked if I remembered to get the cereal for the cereal box drive that they are having at school that ends tomorrow..  Oh man..  I forgot.  No problem we will swing by the store afterwards.

We get to the tax place in time and then head to the store for cereal..  should take a minute..

As we pull into the store the smell of burgers at the brewery next door is making me hungry.. and a beer is starting to sound good.  But we have dinner already planned out, and things are defrosted.  It is about a 45 minute recipe.  We won’t be eating for awhile but it is not too late.

But apparantly being in the store triggers a grocery list for John and Reese and our 5 minute trip turns into 20 minutes.  By the time we get home, cook, eat and clean up, it’ll be after 7..  oh well

We head out of the store and the smell of the burgers seems stronger now and the thought of a beer sounds even better.  The night has not gone as planned so I figure let’s just throw it all away and scrap dinner and head to the brewery for food that will be cooked for us and a nice cold beer.

Guess they were on the same page because I could barely suggest it before they both agreed and we were heading next door.

I know we had a better, more relaxed and enjoyable dinner and dinner conversation and we got home before we would have been eating our homemade dinner.  My “planned” Wednesday did not go as planned but it I think it actually turned out better.


Kids from Kindergarten Past

March 23

Each year it is tricky to decide which supplies we should ask the kids to bring for the upcoming school year.  The basics are always the same..  crayons, glue, pencils, etc..  But how many of each is the question.  Each year we seem to have an abundance of something.

One year I swear my kids were eating the pencils as they were gone so quickly..  The next year I asked for a few more from each kid and now I am still using up the pencils from that year.  One year kleenex was at a minimum with my crew of nose blowers.  The following year, many extra boxes.. There is no telling..

So when I do get down to the bottom of the class stash (kleenex, ziploc baggies, wipes) student memories from the past pop up  on the supplies when I find names of kids from kindergarten past…  They all get a smile as I remember them and try to figure out what grade they are in now, especially if they have moved on or away from our school.  Once in awhile a name will pop up that really triggers a memory and a wonder and a worry and a smile and a bit of sadness as I wonder how they are doing.

That happened today.  I was sorting out math manipulatives and needed some more baggies.  Definitely am using a lot more this year as we cannot share supplies for math activities so I am getting down to the boxes that have been there for awhile. Today I pulled the box with the sweet kiddos name on it. Oh my sweet MH!

My MH who held my hand everyday as we walked out.

My MH who asked me the same questions as we walked out each day.

My MH who would lean against me when I sat with the kids on the carpet because he just needed a little love.

My MH who was so difficult to understand but had a lot to say

My MH who had the biggest sweetest eyes that I can still see today

My MH who was often late to school or came with shoes too big- because he really didn’t know better and mom was overwhelmed with all the kids at home.

My MH who we got the right supports in place for and started to make progress in Kinder and rocked it in first grade

My MH whom I wrote about 5 years ago while doing SOL.

My MH who moved away after 1st grade 🙁

My MH who needed to stay with us so I knew he would get everything he needed as he grew up in our school

My MH who is in 5th grade now

My MH- oh how I wonder how you are doing today…

Needless to say my flashback student memory was a lot more meaningful and long lasting than most..


The Last Week

March 22

Since this is the last week of school before Spring Break I have also been thinking about how it is the last week of many things this school year

Some that will be missed…

It is the last week I will have my 2 small hybrid groups (6 & 7 kiddos); which when it first started seemed so small..  But now have evolved into these 2 “perfect for each other” groups.

It is the last week that I will have SEL and Read Aloud with my remote only students.  And although sometimes it can bring some technology headaches; making sure everyone- remote and live in my class -can see the same screen and hear the same things when a video is played and never knowing if I sh0uld be looking at the kids in the class or the ones on the screen- someone is always seeing the back of my head, I will miss seeing those 4 little faces that I worked with since August.

It is the last week that we will have our coveted Wednesdays.  Our one day to get it all planned and done for the next week of teaching because when the kids are here even going to the bathroom can be tricky.  But it is also the one time to get out of the classroom and see other people and use the bathroom at your leisure.

Some that will not be missed

It will be the last week that I will have to post the classwork on google classroom for the remote kids- the classwork that I believe only 2 kids have ever actually looked at.

It will be the last week that I will have to prepare paper packets for my kids to work on at home; ones I spend time differentiating to meet the needs of my students; most which don’t get returned or even opened.

It will be the last week I get a parent email or phone call asking me what the schedule is and what time their kiddo needs to be on, even though it has been the same for a long while now.

Although there will be some “last week” things I will miss and others that I will be glad to see go, I am most excited to see my classroom get one step closer to a regular classroom.