happy for rain

I know I may feel differently next week when we are back at school but today I am actually happy for the rain.

Of course I know it is good for the flowers and the trees and for our brownish green grass in our yard but I am most happy because it gives me an excuse to have an inside day.

I have been loving the awesome weather this week and Reese and I have had our share of time outside and more but I am the type of gal that likes some inside time as well.  I know there is nothing wrong with that but I also feel guilty when we spend time inside instead of outside in the great weather.

So when I saw today’s forecast was for rain I secretly hoped it would happen during the day.  And when it just started pouring a few minutes ago I felt less guilty about Reese and I camping out inside today.  And I will feel no guilt the rest of the day while we hang out enjoying fun things together inside.

4 thoughts on “happy for rain

  1. I love rainy days. And I understand the feeling of wanting rain to validate the fact that you are choosing to stay indoors. Happy indoor camping!

  2. I agree–inside days are good, too!! Whether it is spent cleaning, organizing, working on projects or watching a movie with my kids–I like inside time, too.

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