Target Happiness

I had to run into Target today for 2 things..  now don’t get me wrong…Target always brings me happiness but today it was in a different way.

As I went in I was greeted by the cart sanitizer by a nice “Hi, welcome to Target!”  That was nice. Does not always happen and never mind it, but it was nice!

Turned down the main aisle and some random worker came down a different aisle filling one of those “online order cart thing” and stopped and smiled at me and said “Hi, how are you today?”  This was unexpected… “I’m fine, how are you?”

Turned toward the paper plate aisle and another worker smiled and said, “Hi, are you finding everything ok?”  “Why yes I am, thank you!”

Another happy, friendly employee.

Finally, I head to the self check out.  As I am getting closer, two people get to the line at the same time. “Please go first, I can wait.” Said customer one. “No, it’s fine you only have a few things, you go.” responded customer 2.  What happy, friendly customers I thought!

As I left, I was “Have a great day”ed”” by 2 different employees!

Target sure was full of happiness today. I’m sure the weather and sunshine had a lot to do with it but it certainly was a nice thing to see and hear on a busy Saturday morning!

2 thoughts on “Target Happiness

  1. Target is ALWAYS my happy place but it sounds like your experience was even better than usual! How crazy that it takes two seconds to be kind but it can make a world of difference!

  2. Such a great reminder that a smile and a happy greeting truly can lift the spirits of strangers! Glad you enjoyed these friendly interactions today.

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