Random Rememberings

It’s pretty typical for me, and I assume many others, to remember things at inconvenient times.  Like remembering to call to make that appointment after hours.  Or remembering to do something at home when you are half way to work.  And the worst part is when the time is convenient chances are it will take me a few times to remember it.

Sometimes something tips me off, helping me recall the memory.  Like one of my students will say they have a loose tooth and that will trigger my memory to make the dentist appointment I have been trying to remember to make. Or on my way to work I see a truck delivering some sort of food and I remember that I forgot to take out the meat for dinner.

But sometimes something will pop up very randomly.  Like in the middle of the night, I’m dead asleep and wake up and it pops in my head for no apparent reason.  It happens once in a great while.  Like last night…

The dog woke me up to use the bathroom (I think my husband has trained her to come to me..).  She doesn’t bark she just comes right up to my side of the bed and I just always know when she is there.  Must be a mom thing I guess.  The minute I sit up it pops into my head…

My student won’t be there tomorrow to be tested!

Just yesterday the EL teacher asked me if she could pull my student to test her in the morning.  I said sure, time works for me.

But for some reason my brain decided to remind me, within the first minute of being awake, at 2:15 in the morning, that the student who was supposed to be tested is a Tuesday/Friday kiddo and tomorrow(or later that day) is Thursday!!

This is not a life shattering memory..  Nothing bad will happen.. The student will get tested.  The teacher will understand and figure it out.  But for some reason my brain could not let it go.  I laid there thinking…

Should I email her now at 2:15 to let her know?  If I do she will think I am nuts for worrying about this at 2:15 in the morning.

What if I don’t email her and I forget to find her in the morning?  Well then she will come to get the student and then you will tell her that you made a mistake and she is not here on Thursdays.

Again, not a big deal, but the darn random remembering kept me up longer than need be.

I decided not to email her.  And sure enough I completely forgot about it in the morning, but when I did walk into my classroom it triggered the memory/reminder and it was finally a convenient time to send the email.

Wonder what the next middle of the night random reminder will be.



2 thoughts on “Random Rememberings

  1. This happens to me all.of.the.time. It’s to the point where I keep a notebook and pen by my bedside so I can write these things down and not forget them the following morning! This has been very helpful! I hope the dog knows to seek your husband next time. 🙂

  2. OMG! I have tons of these middle of the night reminders! I feel like it’s when I do my best thinking, organizing, planning. Some of my best ideas come in the middle of the night. And, yes….I sent the email or text then because I will forget in the morning. Glad to know I am not alone!

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